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We Accept
3 x Coat Insignia - Battalion Chief
3 x Coat Insignia - Division Chief
4 x Zak ProGrip Pocket Key - Black
3 x Coat Insignia - Captain
3 x Shirt Insignia - Division Chief
3 x Shirt Insignia - Firefighter
8 x Nomex Name Tape *blank strip only* - Navy
6 x Nylon Flashlight Loop - Small
2 x Tie 57" Four-in-Hand - Black
3 x Nylon Belt Keepers - Pack of Four
6 x Nylon Flashlight Loop - Large
3 x Nylon Silent Key Holder
4 x ASP Friction-Lock Batons 26 inch Black Chrome w/Foam Grip
4 x ASP Friction-Lock Batons 16 inch Black Chrome w/Foam Grip
4 x ASP Friction-Lock Batons 21 inch Black Chrome w/Foam Grip
5 x ASP Rotating Scabbard for 21" Batons - Basketweave
5 x Fire Axe Tie Bar - Silver
4 x Reflex Remove (CS/OS Decontaminate Solution)
4 x Fire Axe Tie Bar - Gold
5 x Smith & Warren 15/16" Fire Scramble w/Red Background - Clutch Back
5 x ELC Eagle Small - Gold
5 x ELC Lieutenant Bars Corrugated Small - Silver
5 x Smith & Warren 15/16" 3 Bugles Crossed On Gold Disc - Clutch Back
5 x ELC 5 Bugle Crossed Cutout 3/4"
4 x ELC Oak Leaf Small - Gold
3 x North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) Tourniquet - Black
4 x ELC 2 Bugle Crossed Cutout 3/4"
4 x Blackinton 3 Bugles Crossed on Solid Disk 15/16" - Gold Plate
5 x ELC 2 Bugle Parallel Cutout 3/4"
3 x 5.11 Taclite Uniform Cap - Navy
5 x ELC 4 Bugle Crossed Cutout 3/4"
5 x Blackinton 2 Bugles Crossed on Solid Disk 15/16" - Gold Plate
6 x Kiwi Military Shoe Care Kit
3 x Streamlight TLR-1 HL® High Lumen Rail Mounted Tactical Light
4 x Streamlight Strion LED HL Hight Lumen Compact Rechargeable Flashlight
1 x OGIO Epic Pack- Black
4 x Redback Everyday Bamboo Sock - Black
4 x Port & Company Five-Panel Twill Cap - Navy
2 x Port & Company Beanie Cap - Navy
3 x OGIO Mercur Pack - Black
2 x Lightning X 3XL Turnout Bag - Red
1 x OGIO Hamblin 30 Wheeled Duffel - Black
3 x Lightning X 3XL Turnout Bag - Black
1 x Lightning X Rolling Turnout Bag - Red
3 x OGIO Hamblin 22 Wheeled Duffel - Black
2 x Bianchi 7926 Accumold Elite Compact Flashlight Holder - Basketweave Size 1 for Strion
2 x OGIO Doppler Kit - Black
2 x Port Authority Fine Twill Cap - Navy
3 x Lightning X Rolling Turnout Bag - Black
4 x Bianchi 7926 Accumold Elite Compact Flashlight Holder - Basketweave Size 2 For Stinger
1 x Nylon Glove Pouch
3 x Rigid Tourniquet Case Cat7 Belt Attachment Black
1 x Blackhawk Double Mag Case Single Stack
4 x TMK Tactical Mic Klip
2 x Hat Badge - Division Chief
2 x Shirt Badge - Captain
2 x Hat Badge - Battalion Chief
2 x Hat Badge - Captain
2 x Hat Badge - Chief
3 x Mourning Band
1 x ASP Ultra Plus Cuffs Aluminum - Black
2 x Reflex Protect Presidia Gel 1.9 ounce
2 x Reflex Protect 5oz. *INERT* training unit
2 x ELC Captain Bars Corrugated Large - Gold
2 x ELC Lieutenant Bars Corrugated Large - Silver
5 x Blackinton 5 Bugles Crossed on Solid Disk 15/16" - Gold Plate
3 x ELC 3 Bugle Crossed Cutout 3/4"
4 x Blackinton 4 Bugles Crossed on Solid Disk 15/16" - Gold Plate
3 x ELC Oak Leaf Large - Gold
2 x GFP Leather Gloves Lined - Black
2 x Reflex Protect Presidia Gel 5 Ounce
4 x ELC 1 Bugle Cutout 3/4"
2 x ELC Eagle Large - Gold
1 x Nightstick Mini-TAC AAA - Black
1 x Streamlight Microstream Flashlight - Black
1 x Streamlight Survivor Alkaline Model - Orange
2 x Nightstick USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight - Black
2 x Coat Insignia - Chief
2 x Shirt Insignia - Captain
2 x Shirt Insignia - Battalion Chief
2 x Shirt Insignia - Chief
1 x Nylon Inner Duty Belt
2 x Smith & Warren 15/16" 5 Bugles Crossed On Gold Disc - Clutch Back
1 x Nightstick Mini-TAC Pro AAA - Black
1 x FoxFury Command+ LoPro White & Green LED Helmet Light
2 x Mourning Band - Metal
1 x ELC Star Smooth 1" - Gold
1 x ELC Captain Bars Corrugated Small - Gold
1 x Nylon Cuff Case ASP Chain or Standard Chain/Hinged
1 x Smith & Warren 15/16" 4 Bugles Crossed On Gold Disc - Clutch Back
1 x Smith & Warren 15/16" 1 Bugle On Silver Disc - Clutch Back
1 x Smith & Warren 15/16" 2 Parallel Bugles On Gold Disc - Clutch Back
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